If you're here it's because you probably have a little green booklet in hand.
This booklet is part of my project: Welcome to Eel town.

Indeed back a long time ago Brunswick,MD was known as Eel Town. Time has passed since, and the small settlement has grown into a town of almost 7,000.
The city has history and plenty of hidden gems that so many current inhabitants are unaware of.

The booklet is the visible part of a bigger research project that aims to not only map Brunswick's uniqueness but also generate tools for the locals to create and update their own maps as a way to be actors of their town's own story, development and culture.



The project was started with the realization that, with the rapid growth of Brunswick in the past 10 years, the major changes the city is going through are not only demography related.

As new residential and commercial areas are built, as new Brunswickians are moving in, part of Brunswick's uniqueness and culture is evolving.
It is not uncommon that rapid urbanisation has led, in other places around the globe, to a divide between long time locals, with their family rooted in the city, and new comers, but also to a partial dilution of the local culture and loss of historical common markers.

Design research for concorde

The Welcome to Eel town project aims to create resident-generated maps of the area.
The idea is to allow people to (re)discover their own city and appreciate the value of what is in their direct surroundings.

By valuing the space we share, we build tighter bonds between communities.


Own your space.

The project may sound as casual or almost naive.
However there is value in owning your space and becoming active in the decision-making process of what should make Brunswick valuable, enjoyable, noticeable.

Indeed mapping has for long been used as a tool of recognition but also a tool to manipulate, enhance, optimize, define spaces, resources and people.

By allowing people to create their own maps, far from the intervention of any administration or authority, we support the introspective process of owning your town, but also the process of sharing it with others by discovering how they make use of their space.


but what
now ?

The end goal of this project is not to change the world.
Not even to change Brunswick.
It is simply a Proof-Of-Concept to test out the value of the ideas, concepts and process I am trying to put in place.

Once the survey booklets are completed, I will analyze the data and extract insights to create a map (or series of maps) that highlight how Brunswickians make use of their space and where are the hidden gems that the city has to offer to its inhabitants.

Thank you for helping the project.

If you have any question regarding how to fill up your booklet or on how to make sure it gets back to me :

⤷ text or call 240-815-1878
⤷ DM on instagram @studio_juliuscornelius
⤷ or simply email me at studio@juliuscornelius.fr

Some extra details

Welcome to Eel town is a "Do Good Project" done as part of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) DC SHINE program.

The SHINE program aims to help and mentor young design DC creatives like myself  by connecting them, challenging each other to grow, and collaborate while giving back in some form.

To learn more about SHINE
To learn more about AIGA


It's all DIY

As the Welcome to Eel town is just a Proof-Of-Concept research project, it is all designed, analyzed, ran and put together all by myself with the mentoring of Mike Bell.
The booklets were printed at Baltimore Print Studios, a DIY riso-printing studio.
All content featured as been photographed, sketches, taped by me.
It's all DIY.

To learn more about riso-printing and get your hands dirty (with ink) check Baltimore Print Studios

A little about me

Out of all the possible projects I could have done, I decided to pursue this because, as a new comer to the USA, I was interested to do a project that would not only allow me to learn more and discover the new city I now call home but also to address the "not so unique" situation Brunswick's growth has put the local life into and thus try to bridge the divide between different geographic and demographic groups of the city.

For the extra curious readers, here is a little more about me.


Valuing your privacy

As this is purely a design research Proof-Of-Concept project, any data gathered will only be used within the original scope of this project.

• No data will be used toward commercial, political, religious, etc purposes.

All data will remain as anonymous as possible and participants can require their data to be deleted at any time.

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