Yuyuan - Fosun

Strategic design + BX Design
for S.Point

Shanghai — 2017

As one of Shanghai's major tourist attractions, Yu garden is famous to be an almost "preserved" piece of traditional China. A remnant of Shanghai's unique culture and history. However as famous as Yuyuan Tourist Mart (YTM) is, most visitors only stroll through the lanes sampling uninteresting gadgets and souvenirs coming from mass production factories and available anywhere in China.

In an effort to upgrade their offer and the genuine feeling of the place, YTM looked into collaborating with S.Point to better use all of the fifty local and unique protected intellectual properties at their disposal, to develop new activities and products that reflect the local Shanghainese culture.

S.Point offered to come up with a new business model that would allow this development of activities while duplicating their effort at preserving local cultures nationwide.
To reach that goal, the company would be made into two entities.  Yuyuan Gallery would develop Shanghai's operations and create new exclusive products and activities. Yuyuan Holding would on the other hand reproduce the same strategy and effort in other culturally rich cities of China taking advantage of the great boom in China's tourism industry.

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