Swarm Xplorer

Prospective experimental design
For NASA Space Apps Challenge

Paris — 2014

Team Julien Tricheux, Guillian Graves, Jeoffrey Jardin, Muriel Ferneini & Kawtar Sayegrih

— General category: Second place
— Best use of Hardware
— Voted by the public "Best Project"

Swarm Xplorer is the result of a hackathon organized annually by NASA.
Conceptualized by a multidisciplinary team, Swarm Xplorer aims to map our solar system through the upcycling of cellphones turned into small cheap, and expandable satellites.

The goal of this project is to take a prospective yet scientific-based and realistic look at how to tackle the issue of "affordable" space exploration.

Mass-produced technology could allow this, and Swarm Xplorer, based on the use of old cellphones could reduce the cost of a single satellite to under one thousand dollars a unit.

The satellite itself is made of a core smartphone unit encased in a pouch filled with foam. The outer layer of the pouch is made of soft solar panels providing just enough power to the satellite.

Its cheap cost would then allow releasing a swarm of satellites in all directions that would connect as a network to send data back to Earth

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