Must Love Mac_

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Bangkok — 2016

Following the arrival of official Apple stores in Thailand, Copperwired, long time partner and premium authorized reseller for Apple, looked to developed a new brand to reconvert their existing stores while expanding their offer and their reach.

Created to embody Apple's original ethos, Copperwired's new brand MUSTLOVEMAC_ aimed to be a place where "man meets mac and mac meets life". Through selling side by side Apple products and lifestyle accessories that are part of the Apple ecosystem and design approach, MUSTLOVEMAC_ gathers in one place all the best gear in a more lively style that suits Bangkok's atmospher better.

The original Hello from Apple's old ads was chosen as a tagline to emphasize the friendly brand voice cutting away with Apple's minimialistic - almost stark - image. For the same reason a throwback to the original Apple colours was chosen and used to define a series of categories, diving products and services.

Strategic Design

Rebranding — VI


Retail Design

MLM Uniform
MLM Shop 2
MLM Shop 1bis

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