Sablons le champagne !


Industrial Design
for La Fabrique de l'Est

Paris — 2010

Born from the collaboration between a bottling company and La Fabrique de l'Est, ChampX is a silicone cover designed to fit over a demi-bouteille of Champagne and to give it a unique look worthe of sparking interest and quick start conversation.

Inspired by the "porno chic" aesthetic from the late 90's and its shockvertising strategy, the ChampX's sextoy like cheekyness and kinkyness aims to target the event and night-life parisian industry.
Both a flagship piece acting as a display of all the supplier's abilities and will for innovation, and an ice-breaker souvenir the ChampX is an unparalleled piece of memorabilia from Paris' wildest hours.



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Industrial design — Modeling & rendering

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